In a piece of exciting news for construction professionals, it has recently been reported that the availability of jobs in the UK related to the construction industry has risen dramatically since July 2013. The statistics are in line with declining national unemployment rates, which has seen growth across a number of important industries.

The recent increases coincide with the governments announcements that over £100bn is set to be invested in important sectors over the next 5 years. Whilst transportation, real estate, healthcare and manufacturing all experienced significant growth in the past year, it is construction that has proven the most powerful. Stats recently emerged revealing a 33% year on year increase for construction jobs posted in July 2014, reaching a total of 118,541.

The construction industry has been recognised as a strategically important industry, so the government’s heavy investment is no surprise. The important point to take away from this news is that the recent growth speaks volumes for the bright future of our industry. Skilled professionals are seen as a vital component in the country’s continued economic growth and not a disposable commodity, which will no doubt help to see the industry continue to thrive.

Importantly, the construction industry is an important connection to a number of other key recognised sectors (in particular, real estate), so it’s success is to the benefit of the country as a whole.