To start the year, a message from our M.D. Shane Coldron.

Wishing you and your families a very happy & prosperous New Year!

2019 is landmark year for our business as we will be celebrating our 5th year anniversary in September. This year is also a new era for the business as you may have seen; we have rebranded as Commercial Roofing & Facades following our continued growth in the fa├žade sector. So it is only right that I take this opportunity to send a massive thank you to our dedicated team, all our clients and our highly valued supply chain.

With the construction industry continuously unpredictable from many influences, it is most important that we build stable foundations. We have brought together a young and dynamic Pre-Construction team that are fully committed to providing our clients with thorough tender packages, ensuring all bids are transparent and comprehensive. Upon being successfully awarded new projects, our internal design team provides full detailed design package to assist our clients, architects and associates, ensuring all the finer details are dealt with prior to starting installation. Finally our paramount factor for success is the delivery and quality from our operations team, as such we have recently bolstered our site management team with new staff, along with continued training and development, which has led to successful completion of projects and invaluable repeat business.

We make a very positive start to 2019 having already secured a large quantity of orders and intend to surpass previous standards with the introduction of new stringent company procedures.

I am very much looking forward to working with our partners on many key projects in 2019 and I believe our staff will continue to exceed expectations, above and beyond.