Recent news across a number of online outlets has reported on the prowess of metal roofing as an outstanding material as a roofing solution. Regarded in high esteem for their durability as well as energy saving aptitude and lowered maintenance.

Metal roofing has also been widely praised for its importance as a viable solution for those in warmer climates. Without delving deeply into the science behind metal roofing, it has been identified that metal reflects away a significant amount of the sun’s energy from a roof, whilst compared to other roofing types, it cools faster at night, and holds less heat for shorter periods.

Equally importantly, metal roofing is an excellent solution where environmental footprint is an important consideration. Being a highly recyclable option, instalment of metal roofing is a clear option for those looking beyond the initial benefits of the material. It’s rare that a solution is so effective in so many respective ways, ensuring metal is an important material in the roofing industry.

At Commercial Roofing Solutions, we offer metal roofing as one of our key services, boasting composite panels, the built-up system, standing seam and over-roofing as the systems that we regularly install. From our experience, we can completely endorse the recent acclaim surrounding metal roofing. It’s durability is indeed the defining factor of the material and we would always recommend it as an important and effective roofing options.

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