St Bernard’s Gate


Catalyst Housing Limited




Hester Architects

Project Status

Completed October 2017

Scope of Work

VieoZinc wall cladding, VieoZinc Opus soffits and all associated aluminium powder coated flashings.

St Bernard’s Gate

The site is located on the south side of the hospital and will provide mixed tenure homes to make the site a vibrant place to live within a mixed neighbourhood. The £50m development includes five buildings containing flats, a bowling green pavilion and the re-siting of an electricity substation, in conjunction with the erection of three buildings of up to 9 storeys high, containing 270 residential units.

The project was recently shortlisted for Best Residential (Rural/Suburban) at this year’s Inside Housing Awards.

This simple, cost-effective alternative to traditional zinc roofing is NHBC approved, following comprehensive fire testing. It is quick and simple to install and is available in a variety of metals, including steel and aluminium. The principle is simple and effective. A flat pan sheet features simple over and under laps on each side; these laps sit over a stainless steel clip that is fixed to the substrate; the laps are mechanically folded over the clip in a straightforward, two-stage process.

The chosen VieoZinc material features zinc particles incorporated into a durable coating, which is specifically designed, as an aesthetic option, to naturally weather in a similar way to zinc, rather than retaining a fixed colour. The prevailing conditions of the installed location will influence this and produce different rates of tonal change, delivering the aesthetic benefits of a ‘live’ material. The advanced coating system is applied over an aluminium substrate, which provides a lightweight, durable and cost-effective alternative to traditional zinc but costs around half the price.

Being the first company to use Euroclad Vieo on a residential build over 18m, we carried out stringent testing to meet NHBC approval prior to commencement. The relationship between the main contractor and our site installation team proved invaluable to the successful completion. (Shane Coldron, Head of Operations)