Flat Roofing

"Image courtesy of Eco Green Roofs""

Commercial Roofing  & Facades supply and install a wide range of flat roofing products and in today’s flat roofing market, the main criteria for the client is to provide cost efficient and long term sustainable solutions. Other key factors such as environmental impact, waste management and service support are equally important when providing high performance flat roof waterproofing solutions. To meet these challenges, our flat roofing systems division prides itself on being able to offer a wide and diverse range of specialist flat roof waterproofing systems. Working across all client market sectors, accredited and backed by UK and European leading waterproofing and insulating manufactures, we offer a quality conception to completion service.

Liquid Waterproofing Systems

Liquid waterproofing systems are specifically designed for applications where traditional waterproofing methods may be difficult to achieve. Well suited for intricate detailing, hardwearing areas, complex designs and fast-track projects. The systems are cold applied and produce a seamless, waterproofing and free from any fixtures, seams or joints.

Single Ply Waterproofing Systems

Single ply waterproofing systems are flame free, hot air welded PVC and TPO synthetic systems. These systems offer fast installation and clean aesthetic line finishes for designers and constructors. Systems can be either mechanically fixed or chemically adhered giving greater flexibility when designing the roof construction.

Bituminous Waterproofing Systems

High performance SBS and APP modified bituminous felt systems are considered to be one of the most technically advanced application methods available to the industry. Strongly suited for the refurbishment sector they are equally at home for new build construction when long term and robust options are required. Traditional torch-on and self-adhesive membranes are available offering homogenous lap technology.

Flat Roof System Components

As an integral part of any construction we offer a wide range of ancillary products to compliment all flat waterproofing systems, such as rooflights/hatch openings, trim terminations, mansafe and safety edge guard protection to name but a few. All waterproofing systems and products installed by us are provided with BBA accreditation and insurance backed guarantees with periods ranging from 10 to 25 years.

Green Roof Systems

Purpose designed ecological systems for flat roofs, podiums and terraces. Completed with varying forms of vegetation or hard landscaping they provide a positive effect on the environment. Constructed as recreational or non-recreational solutions for building owners dependent upon requirement. They offer the technical advantages of pollution, noise and air temperature reduction, protection of the roof against UV and climatic extremes and highly reduce the possibility of mechanical damage to the waterproofing system beneath. We can offer built up felt, hot melt, liquid and single ply green roofing systems.