Rainwater Goods

“Image courtesy of Kingspan Insulated Panels”
Commercial Roofing Solutions offer a full range of standard and bespoke rainwater systems to suit each project. The design of bespoke systems will conform to industry standard gutter calculations to BSEN12056. Of course, not every project demands tailor made products so we also offer an extensive range of rainwater systems, such as insulated membrane lined gutters to an extensive range of traditional uPVC and aluminium round or square downpipes. As with any bespoke We will also
Insulated Membrane Lined Gutters

Our insulated membrane lined gutters are designed and manufactured to order. The bespoke system will conform to the building’s design, U-Values and are easily put together on-site through joint assembly. Available with a full range of factory fitted accessories and in various colours, insulated membrane lined gutters provide lasting performance.

Highline Gutters

Highline gutter systems are an attractive yet economical external gutter system for all building applications. These systems are manufactured from low maintenance colour coated steel and are available in a range of colours, which can be matched or mixed with the coloured sidewall cladding to provide different aesthetic effects.

Secret Fix Gutters
Our in house design department can produce project specific secret fix gutters make to your requirements. Manufactured from profiled aluminium and polyester powder coated to your chosen colour, the end product ensures a long life, maintenance free and a secure rainwater solution for any project.
Downpipes and Hoppers

Downpipes and hoppers can be supplied in uPVC or aluminium PPC in a choice of over 200 standard colours, providing lasting performance and minimal maintenance.  Of course, not every project is suitable for a standard downpipe so we can also design purpose made ‘one-off’s’ for demanding situations.