Efficient and Cost-Effective Building Maintenance Services

Commercial Roofing & Facade Solutions can offer an array of maintenance and repair solutions for our clients nationwide. Our roofing maintenance and repair services are carried out during a time which is at your convenience and by our highly experienced team, causing minimal disruption to your business.

Pre-planned, Planned and Reactive Maintenance

We offer an in-depth site appraisal to recommend our clients on a bespoke program of pre-planned maintenance. The planned maintenance schedule will advise on a regular scope of roof maintenance to protect our clients roofing at site. The package will also include a service level agreement to attend to emergency repairs. Reactive maintenance is available on a 24Hr or 48Hr basis depending on client requirements.

Minor Repairs or Replacement
As well as providing an essential maintenance service; we also offer a minor repairs and replacement service for items such as gutters, rooflights, fixings and flashings. Ensuring your building is compliant with current legislation and fit for purpose.
Gutter Cleaning Service

Failure to clean gutters is the number one source of water ingress entering into buildings. We can execute gutter maintenance across the most complex of buildings to complete a comprehensive gutter maintenance service. Gutter cleaning is often required more frequently to Siphonic drainage systems due to the sensitivity of their operation. 

Cladding Cleaning Service
Regular cleaning maintains your building aesthetics and prolongs its integrity and professional appearance. Our reach & wash systems simplify the need for regular cleaning via MEWP access, whilst power washers are used for buildings with higher levels of silt build up or algae growth.